The future of business
banking in Denmark

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so you can too

Zento helps small businesses stay on top of their



5 days

account opening

What you need to know
about Zento
business bank accounts

Flexibility, greater control, and an easy onboarding process gets you
started managing your money almost immediately.


3 electronic wallet solutions


We offer a simple setup for private users.
Perfect for employee accounts or business owners who already have a corporate account with Zento.

Business flex

A simple flexible account solution for small businesses who want to stay on top of their finances with minimal fuss.

Business Pro

From the moment you open the app, right through registration and all the way to setting up your regular direct debits and bill payments, Zento’s team will guide you through the entire process.

We’re here to help,

Chat to us in app any time, or call or email if you’d prefer We’ll answer your questions and help solve any problems you have No need for branches, and no need to make an appointment

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You can manage your finances together and
improve visibility across the business.
Split up their workload, especially if someone’s away.


“We know who paid what
and when. Zento’s allowed
us to have transparency.”

It’s nice to get notified when you’ve
been paid. Instant notifications for
transactions direct to your phone.